Fulfilling our clients’ needs is our highest priority, therefore adding Lynette Landing to the agenda of our recent Davisware Software Users Conference was a smart decision on our part. Her opening keynote Navigating Change was personable, relevant, and fully engaged the greatly varied audience base of business owners, managers, and end users. She also provided breakout sessions – Creating Technical Documents and Training Fellow Employees. In addition, she offered private consulting sessions for our users (and some of our own staff).  Her contribution to our annual event exceeded our expectations and we welcome the opportunity to include her at future events!

– Jennifer Davis, President, Davisware, Inc.


Your program had quite an impact on our executive team and the way we communicate with each other. Because of you, we went from fifteen (EXPLETIVES) in a meeting to only two (EXPLETIVES)!  Now that’s a measurable worth cheering about!

– Jim Warriner CFO, Rhoads Industries


I took a chance on Lynette and was pleased with my decision as well as the results. I was also pleasantly surprised with the number of staff who went out of their way to thank me for bringing Lynette in!  She surpassed our expectations.

– John Radwell, VP CR, Radwell International


“We never want another living soul to train us again unless it’s Lynette!”  That’s what our mostly male, mostly blue-collar audience (who were originally very reluctant to attend), shared with me after Lynette’s programs.  She quickly gained their attention, respect, and admiration and influenced them to apply the learning. Instantly, staff-to-boss relations improved. The results created a domino effect that had other supervisors (and) managers begging to participate! Something I’ve never witnessed before! Without a doubt, the best programs we’ve ever had.

– Kathy Pyatt, Dir. HR, Dunkin’ Donuts Mid-Atlantic Distribution Center


Lynette is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who uses real-world examples to illuminate major concepts. Her program was much more than just theories, and she encourages active participation from the audience. The “Building Trust Through Clear Expectations” and “Packaging What You Say” segments were of particular value to me. I was lucky enough to have my employer send me and I highly recommend Lynette’s programs!

– Michael Linder, SAP Admin., Gamesa Wind 


The impact that your “Writing for Results” program had on our supervisors has gotten the attention of both CEO and COO!  I’ve heard raving reviews! Thanks for a fantastic training and such detailed follow up.  You are so good at what you do and it positively impacted our staff and their written correspondence!

– Susan Baranowski, VP Human Resources, Freedom Credit Union

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