I am more than my job!

“I am more than my job!”

Is there an employee alive who doesn’t think this? Being judged solely by our performance, our ability to produce, to operate a machine, to hit a production or sales quota…makes us feel more like a number than a human.

Leaders, ask your staff what they think causes low morale, high turnover, lack of motivation, resistance to change, entitlement, employee silence, etc. Ask genuinely and you may find out the truth, that “bagel Wednesdays” doesn’t boost morale. Courageous staff may tell you that you’ve overlooked a basic human need – acknowledging that they are as human as you. That’s Step One.

Our customized, onsite, interpersonal-relationship training, as well as our management coaching and various assessments are Step Two.  

We’ve worked with thousands of humans in dozens of industries and we’ve transformed corporate cultures as a result. Let us help you to humanize your workforce too.

Gamesa Supervisors

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