Superior Supervision

Johnny Gets Promoted…Now What?

Training for New & Tenured Supervisors

“We never want another living soul to train us again unless it’s Lynette!”  That’s what our mostly male, mostly blue-collar supervisors (who were originally very reluctant to attend), shared with me after Lynette’s programs.  She quickly gained their attention, respect and admiration and influenced them to apply the learning. Instantly, staff-to-boss relations improved.  The results created a domino effect that had other supervisors (and) managers begging to participate!  Something I’ve never witnessed before! Without a doubt, the best programs we’ve ever had.

– Kathy Pyatt, Dir. HR, Dunkin’ Donuts Mid- Atlantic Distribution Center

Oh please! Not another leadership training?!

Nope, this program is not your typical “leadership training”.  Prepare to open your mind and shift your paradigm.  We engage audiences from the first moment by making the learning about them, by offering a safe platform to discuss unanswered questions, and by solving real time issues that cause lags in productivity and revenue.  This program stresses the message that most “supervisor trainings” leave out.  Superior supervision is a two-step process:

1) It requires a hiring manager who understands how to find a suitable candidate for the supervisory role;

2) It requires the tools and support to develop that candidate into a superior role model; one who fosters advancing teams.

Those in power are often unaware of issues at the supervisor-workforce level of the organization. Supervisors may forgo help (from their bosses) even when it’s offered.  The workforce feels unheard and becomes disenchanted; resentments build, and pressure mounts eventually forcing upper management to get involved all over again.  And everyone from the top-down senses a detachment from the your mission!

Through efficient development of supervisors, your business advances naturally.  A healthy succession cycle promotes one level after another as employees grow with the company.  Formerly stagnant businesses experience a culture change that’s palpable even to its clients and vendors. A positive change in attitude, a renewed excitement for your mission, and a growing number of solution-drive employees who work interdependently…

That is the goal of this fast-paced, entertaining, and interactive program. Participants who fully engage and apply the program’s principles will greatly enhance their ability to:

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Set clear expectations
  3. Delegate and develop staff
  4. Empower and motivate
  5. Evaluate and discipline

In addition, participants will:

  • Distinguish “good fit” versus “bad fit” characteristics in potential candidates before promoting
  • Understand team dynamics and development, conflict resolution and managing former peers
  • Identify the four social styles – their value to a team, motivators, reactions to stress and change
  • Learn how to build exceptionally high trust up and down the chain of command
  • Recognize their strengths and opportunities for growth in their supervisory/management role
  • Begin to solve/overcome real-time issues and obstacles through discussion and role play

       If you don’t support their development, how can you expect them to support your mission?

Who should participate? There are no exclusions – everyone benefits!

  • Hirer: Owner, executive team, HR professional, hiring manager, etc. responsible for choosing the candidate
  • Hiree: Potential candidates, new supervisors, seasoned supervisors or managers at any level
  • Individual contributor: While their immediate reaction is “Why do I need to be here? I don’t supervise anyone!” early in the program, they find that knowing what their supervisor is supposed to do is extremely advantageous to them! They no longer wonder whether they’re being managed correctly. Better yet, they gain an appreciation for the pressure that occurs up the chain; therefore they automatically self-correct negative behavior and develop a healthier work ethic.

What results can you expect? Our clients have realized a long list of benefits, the most common are:

  • Higher success rates in attracting good-fit candidates to supervise (and less supervisory turnover)
  • Far less complaints to HR departments from the workforce regarding their immediate supervisors
  • Increased workforce-level engagement and attendance (and desire to grow within the company)
  • Easier and more effective communication between supervisors and their subordinates

How long is the program? This program is customizable! The length completely depends on the needs of you, your company, and your staff. Within the 5 main objectives mentioned above, there are at least a half-dozen modules (per objective) to explore.  We will discuss a perfect fit for your organization.

 (View / print our “Onsite Program Flyer” to learn more)

How do you proceed? Contact our office at 215-630-4388 and we’ll discuss your unique needs!  (Looking for something else? Click HERE for other program ideas.)

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