Supervisory Program

Johnny Was Promoted to Supervisor (So Why is He Still Making Widgets?)


Jason’s staff abuses company sick time leaving him with a skeletal crew who are all overworked and resentful.

Claire wonders how to motivate employees when there is no room in the budget for pay increases. 

Kevin feels his superiors undermine his decisions making him look bad to his employees.

Carl, the VP, can’t understand why his company has become stagnant. 

When supervisors are ill equipped to lead others, their organization encounters all types of challenges, like high turnover, slow deliveries, customer complaints, errors, lawsuits, and company stagnation.  We’ve worked with clients in manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding (and more), and we provide a “safe platform” where challenges can be openly discussed and resolved.

Whether they are new leaders or have been leading teams for years, our “Johnny Supervisor” training transforms their outlook as well as their relationships up and down the chain of command.

(“Johnny Supervisor” is a fictitious, yet relatable character that we use in this training.)Johnny Supervisor (Male OR Female!)Click Here for Program Description

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